Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thoroughbreds aren't that special.

This idea has been sitting in my drafts for 5 months.... finally getting around to actually writing it.

Thoroughbreds aren't that special.  Which is not to diminish their wonderfulness, their talents, and so on.  But then take a look at The Saddle Club or the Thoroughbred book series (shuttup, I'm not a 12 year old, I just happen to enjoy children's horse books, don't judge me!)...

Ideally this post would be accompanied by actual quotes from the books, but I'm writing this at work, so you're going to have to deal with paraphrasing.

In The Saddle Club....
1.  Pine Hollow gets a new TB and Max asks the girls who wants to ride it first.  Carol and Stevie say they decided Lisa should get to ride the horse "because she's never ridden a Thoroughbred before."  OMG how has the poor child survived?  But I guess it's not surprising, Thoroughbreds are so incredibly rare, it's hard to believe I've owned 3 in my short time with horses, and ridden more than I can remember!

2.  In the book Hobby Horse, Lisa's cousin comes to stay with them and makes a big deal about wanting to ride a Thoroughbred and she throws tantrums when she doesn't get to ride a Thoroughbred.  Then her parents come to see her and ask if she's riding a Thoroughbred.  Because obviously the only horse worth riding is a Thoroughbred.  Obviously.

In the first book, Ashleigh is sad and treated like crap by the farm owner's son because she's not rich or whatever.  So her dad finds a horse for her to ride, an old retired Thoroughbred gelding.  She's riding around, cantering or galloping I think, when she passes snotty farm owner's son riding, who gapes in shock at seeing her ride a Thoroughbred.  *gasp*  A THOROUGHBRED????  No way!  She's only 12, how can she possibly handle a horse of such spirit and value?  She thinks "see, I can ride, too!"  Well, ok.  You can ride.  Being on a Thoroughbred isn't actually a big deal.  Riding an old, been-there done-that gelding isn't going to make some snotty teenager bow down and kiss your feet, praising you for your skills.  Heck, I'd be more impressed with someone who can successfully pilot a Thelwell-esque Shetland!

Wow, I kind of sound like a bitch.  Sorry 'bout that.  It's been a rough week.

Since we're (I'm) discussing Thoroughbreds, just a vaguely amusing story...  A few years ago, I was talking to my grandma about horses and she asked what kind of horses I ride.  I mentioned Thoroughbreds, and she said "thoroughbred what?"  Me:  "Thoroughbreds."  Her:  "yes, but what breed?"  Me:  "Thoroughbreds.  Thoroughbred is a breed, like Arabians, Quarter Horses...."  Her:  "Oh, you ride thoroughbred Quarter horses."  Me:  *headdesk*

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