Friday, June 27, 2014


BO got a kiddie pool for her dog.  It's near the barn.  When I brought Princess in last night, he was terrified of it.  Blowing, dancing around, looking extremely suspicious... really, dude?  What a wimp.

But he got over it...

He's been really good *knock on wood*.  I turned him out on grass yesterday, which means walking way down past horses on both sides to get to the pasture, and he was a perfect gentleman, even on the way back to the barn--without a chain!

I longed him for a few minutes and he was fine.. going to have someone come out next week to ride him for me.  I'm like 99.9% sure he'd be fine and I'm almost willing to get on him myself, but.....  Just in case.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to normal! *knock on wood*

Princess River is back to the normal schedule!!  He goes out in the morning and comes in in the evening like everybody else!

And the coolest thing?  I didn't see him for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!!  Yeah!!!!  I love him and everything, but seeing him 3 times a day for over 2 months is a bit exhausting..  Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

This morning he was totally chill about the whole thing.  Guess he's gotten the goofiness out of his system!

I love his expression.  "Der?"

Video from Friday of his first time out...  he was drugged.

And from Saturday, not drugged.

Not sure about riding...  I'll have to ask my vet what she thinks.  I've already recruited someone else to ride him for the first time, just in case..

Bit late in posting..  my weekend was crazy because a friend got married and I was a bridesmaid.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Checking in

Not really anything new to say..  River is still alive, still on stall rest, still on antibiotics three times a day.

His right hind was worrying me.. I talked to my vet about it.  She suggested handwalking and cold hosing as well as keeping it wrapped.  So our evening routine is now:  antibiotics, shot of IV ace, clean his stall, unwrap his legs, get the hose hooked up, and generally putter around until he's sufficiently dopey.  Turns out IV ace + nose chain works pretty darn well.  I cold hose him for pretty much as long as I can stand it, which feels like 3 hours but ends up being like 10 minutes.  (Actually feeling like 3 hours is actually about 3 minutes, but I keep going for at least 10.)  He eats grass while I suffer.  Then I walk him around for a few minutes before putting him away and rewrapping him.  We should walk longer, I know...  but if horses are out, it's really hard to walk for long because the only place to really walk is the laneway with turnouts on both sides, and he gets goofy when the horses are out.

His right hind has been looking better, so yay!  Can't wait for him to get turned out again... for both his mental happiness and his physical well-being.

Here's a quick picture from this morning.  He's saying "OMG, Mom, I don't want to look at the stupid camera, I want to eat my breakfast!  Go away!!"

Oh well.  He's so cuddly most of the time.

There's a really nice kid who boards her horse at the barn... her horse is kind of a grumpy jerk.... not as bad as The Mare, but he's not one for cuddling either.  Her mom was there the other night and she was commenting that she'd always wanted a really sweet, friendly, loving horse, but they ended up with the grumpy guy.  I quickly told her she could have River, he loves to cuddle!  She would just have to pay his vet bills.... for some reason, she wasn't interested.  Haha