Friday, June 27, 2014


BO got a kiddie pool for her dog.  It's near the barn.  When I brought Princess in last night, he was terrified of it.  Blowing, dancing around, looking extremely suspicious... really, dude?  What a wimp.

But he got over it...

He's been really good *knock on wood*.  I turned him out on grass yesterday, which means walking way down past horses on both sides to get to the pasture, and he was a perfect gentleman, even on the way back to the barn--without a chain!

I longed him for a few minutes and he was fine.. going to have someone come out next week to ride him for me.  I'm like 99.9% sure he'd be fine and I'm almost willing to get on him myself, but.....  Just in case.

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  1. Glad he's doing well and hope the ride goes well :-)