Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stuart Horse Trials!

Saturday I jump judged at Stuart Horse Trials--so much fun!  The best part was definitely watching Phillip Dutton's SIX (SIX!!!!!) horses.  He had 3 in the CIC** and 3 in Open Intermediate.  (He had a fourth horse in OI but retired on xc before he got to my fence.)  It was kind of funny, my friend (and co-jump judge) and I were like what the heck, why are there 6 minutes between riders in OI?  It's normally 2 or 3 minutes.  Then the TD explained that because Phillip Dutton had so many horses, they had to space the rides out more to give him enough time to get off one horse and get the next one warmed up.  Oh.  Well okay then, lol.

I had fence 10abc, which was the coffin.  Um, scary!  Rail, one stride, ditch, one stride, ramped skinny brush. 

Yeahhhhh, I think I'll just go around, but thanks anyway.

As scary as it looks, everyone made it through just fine.  Only one or two rides were anything less than flawless, and as it's eventing, flawless isn't necessary.
I took video of 3 of Phillip Dutton's rides:

Yeah, NBD.

A couple of stills from the videos:

Just incredible to watch.

The placings for the CIC** were:
1.  Phillip Dutton
2.  Phillip Dutton
3.  Jennie Brannigan
4.  Phillip Dutton

Placings for OI:
1.  Phillip Dutton
2.  Phillip Dutton
3.  Janelle Phaneuf
4.  Phillip Dutton

How is anyone that freaking talented???

He did an autograph signing after xc, but I was jump judging all day.  Oh well... I'd feel weird getting an autograph, anyway.

The only disappointing thing for me was no Doug Payne.  *sad face*  I love watching him ride.

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