Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Striker!

Today is the Old Man's birthday.  He's 28 years old and still has more get-up-and-go than most horses half (or a third or a quarter or even an eighth) his age.  Case in point, last week I was walking him down the driveway to turn him out in the indoor.  Well, *I* was walking.  He was cantering circles around me.  Then he got loose and trotted into the outdoor ring and spent quality time going from puddle to puddle, pawing gleefully.  I refused to go out in the mud and was content to wait for him to wander back, but a barn kid volunteered to go get him for me.

Anyway.  It's his birthday and he's the best and I love him more than anything, including the two horses I actually own... combined.  Sorry, River and Mare, but you just can't compete with him.

Yesterday I set up my tripod and used the handy dandy free remote control that came with the new camera I got in December.  (Well, "free" isn't entirely accurate, considering how expensive the camera was... perhaps "included at no additional cost" is better.)  So I took some pictures of me and Striker...

Awwww, isn't he handsome??

My purpose in life is to serve as his scratching post.

Really, honey?  I actually kind of like this one, I just wish I'd had the camera angled up a bit higher and/or had us farther away so his whole head would be in the picture.
And also, I'm impressed by how decent I look.  Goodness knows I'm never going to be a beauty queen, but considering this was after an hour of morning barn chores, 8 hours of work, and trimming 2 horses' feet, I'm shockingly not a total mess.

Happy birthday, Striker!  I've got a pack of (brand name!) Twinkies with his name on it.   He's in for a treat tonight

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  1. What a handsome old man! Happy birthday to him!