Monday, April 13, 2015

Sulk Over?

I think I'm over my sulk...  Well actually, the turning point was a couple months ago (yes, a couple months... it's been a ridiculously long, cold winter, and I wasn't about to do anything until the weather improved).  My dad asked if River has been okay since he finished his antibiotics for his bone cyst.  And I realized that my dad bought River's antibiotics with minimal complaining and no expectation that I repay him (which, at close to $30/day for over 2 months, is a LOT of money), and it's pretty ungrateful and unappreciative of me to not take advantage of the fact that my horse is alive and sound.

So I longed River Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  He's still like a hyperactive kid who needs recess, though.  I have to turn him loose in the indoor and get him moving, then he'll canter around and around and around.  Then he'll break to a trot and go around and around and around.  Eventually he'll stop and we can longe.  He's been pretty good, so maybe we'll get fancy and switch the halter for a bridle and add the surcingle and chambon.

Running around like an idiot last night...

Still an idiot...

Finally settling down a little.

Also yesterday, I was at the barn doing stalls and I wanted to see if River needed more hay outside, so I looked in his turnout.. wait, where is he?

Oh, there he is..

I've never seen him sleep flat out outside before, so naturally I had to sneak up to get a better picture.
Ooops.  Sorry.

Riv's 15th birthday was last week.  He was pretty exited...

That's a bit better.

I tried to take a selfie with him.

Well okay then.

One of these days we'll try, you know, riding.  After I have someone else ride him first, since he hasn't been ridden in over 4 months (I haven't ridden him in over 5, but a couple of my friends rode him around New Year's.

And in case you were wondering (*snort*), The Mare is doing well.  She has a new boyfriend.... they love each other.

It's a little ridiculous.
Ugh, orange and black.  It's like Halloween in their turnout.

So there's the update.

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