Friday, October 31, 2014

I give up.

Tuesday we had a good ride.  Wednesday we had a great ride.  So pumped for Walter.

Get to the other barn to pick up the truck and trailer which the BO had said I could use.  Not there.  Call BO.  "Oh, I forgot, someone borrowed it to move last weekend and they haven't returned it yet."  Are you bleeping kidding me.  "You can use the Jeep and the little trailer."  Great.  The Jeep which can barely pull the tiny POS trailer which probably isn't even actually road legal or safe.  But it's Walter, so fine.

I spent over an hour trying to load him.  No way in hell was he getting on that trailer.  My BO tried to help when she got home, but no luck.

At one point, he ran backward into the tractor, reared, and almost flipped over.

So yeah.  No Walter for us.  And probably no trailering ever again, as I don't know if I'm ever going to get him on a trailer again after such a horrible experience.  I'm annoyed with River for not loading, but I can't totally blame him as the trailer is small and not at all inviting.  My BO commented that even her best loader probably wouldn't have gotten on that trailer, and she didn't even think he would fit in the slot.

I spent two weeks so excited about this, two weeks working hard to get River going halfway decently, and it all got ruined because someone can't keep track of their possessions or commitments.

Why do I even bother riding?  He was doing really well, then he had his bone cyst.  He was finally better from that and I wanted to ride, then he was footsore.  So excited to ride with Walter, and that got messed up.

I'm more discouraged than I was after my broken leg.  At least then I wanted to ride, even if I was afraid.  Now it's like why even waste my time?  Nothing is ever going to be accomplished.  And if, heaven forbid, I TRY to do something with my horse, disaster strikes.

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  1. You would be surprised what trailering accidents horses can overcome. Some just won't go into a small trailer because they are so worried about their body space.

    Keep your chin up...