Friday, October 3, 2014

I can see!!

I've had glasses for almost 23 years.  I first started wearing them in first grade.  A few weeks ago I went for an evaluation to for LASIK...

My prescription was -11.25 in one eye and -9.50 in the other.  "Perfect" vision is 20/20, but 20/30 or 20/40 is fine too.  I couldn't read 20/800.  The people at the eye place commented that I'd be disabled without glasses.  The funny thing is, it didn't really seem that bad to me.  I haven't been able to see normally for most of my life, so it was my normal.  I would have people with normal vision try on my glasses, and pretty often the person would immediately start to get a headache and/or get dizzy.

I wasn't really expecting to be able to get LASIK, but I figured I'd do the evaluation so I'd know.  Well, as it turned out, I could get LASIK.  Surprise!

The surgery was yesterday.  I drove myself to my followup appointment this morning.  My right eye was almost 20/20 and my left was 20/30 or 20/40.  It'll be a few days at least before my eyes heal and my vision settles, so hopefully I'll end up 20/20 in both eyes

If you've been blessed with good eyes, you can't even begin to imagine what it's like being able to see.

I'm going to have to be really careful in the barn for a while, what with all the dust and stuff in the air... I got some very stylish safety goggles, lol.

If you've considered LASIK, go for it! 

For me, the procedure sucked big time.  If I had 3 eyes, I would not have made it through.  By the end of the second eye, I was holding on to consciousness for dear life.  It doesn't hurt at all, but when they make the flap, it's about 20 seconds of intense pressure on the eye.  The actual laser part is fine, although it smells rather like dehorning goats (note:  the smell is NOT from the laser on the eye, it's from the gasses used in the laser.. or something like that).

When it was done, I stayed flat on the table for a couple minutes, then a couple of people helped me back to my little room so I could lay on the couch.  After maybe 10 minutes and some cold compresses and water, I was all better.

Vision was blurry (but better than pre-surgery) for most of the day, and my eyes tended to feel gritty and/or burning... not unbearably so, just unpleasant.

As much as I hated having it done, I would do it again without hesitation.  And FWIW, eyes creep me out.  They always have.  So if you aren't weird about your eyes, you probably won't be bothered by the surgery as much as I was.


  1. Yay! My vision is horrible as well, and I've been considering LASIK ever since one of my contacts fell out, at 11 at night, while I was driving on the interstate. This makes me feel a lot better, since I was really freaked out about the procedure. :-)

    1. Eeek, that's not good! The procedure is definitely not fun, but totally worth it! At my one week followup appointment, I'm 20/20 in each eye and 20/15 together!

  2. My husband had LASIK...I have thought about it, but he complained so much about the pain and was just really uncomfortable for such a long time that it basically scared me off. I wish though. It would be nice not to be blind without the glasses. :(

    1. Maybe your husband is a wimp... Honestly, my eyes were only really sore the day of surgery, and it wasn't that bad... they basically just had that gritty feeling that you get when you're really tired. After that they were pretty much fine.

      If he had it done a while ago, it may be better now with newer technology.

      Having LASIK was definitely one of the best choices I've ever made. Do it!!