Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh geez.

I've been really neglectful.

Um. Okay. River is gross right now. His weight isn't where we want it and he's missing a bunch of hair on his face and neck. It's kind of embarrassing. Talked to my super-awesome BO about his weight.. there's only so much she can feed with what I pay for board, so I'm providing Ultium. He's been on it for not-quite 2 weeks and is at about 10 pounds a day. It's hard to tell if he's putting anything on yet, but goshdarnit he will OR ELSE. They also got round bales again.. yummy alfalfa! He needs to pack on those pounds. The walk-trot show we were going to is off, obviously.

Also, he's a dumb boy.

Exhibit A: They've been getting hay up near the front of the paddock. Now that things are drying out, BO put hay further back. River stood at the gate waiting for his hay to be delivered in front of him. He had to be led over to the hay for several feedings. Each time, he was like "I want food! I want food! Where's my hay? Where is--oooooh, there it is!!" Idiot.

Exhibit B: It's been River, Gryffin (another FLF OTTB), and Irish (my mare) in the paddock for a few months. We decided to rearrange and put Irish out with the other girls because she and Gryffin are just way too attached. Yeah. She and Gryffin were mostly fine. River stood by the fence gazing longingly at Irish. For like two days. My BO finally caved and put Irish back with the boys because Mr. Dumbass wasn't eating.

Oh, and while Irish was away, BO attempted to put another gelding in with the boys. Other gelding is kind of a jerk, so hey, put him out with River because River's an asshole and he won't take any crap! Um... River got his ass handed to him by an older 15hh gelding. Well, it was a good try.

So, in summary, River is a dumb boy who needs to fatten up.

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