Monday, April 30, 2012

Princess River

River is a princess.  Not a palace-living, tiara-wearing, throne-sitting princess.  A "princess and the pea" princess.  Now, he is apparently very sensitive to bugs.

Um, yeah.  Ew.  Pictures can't really convey how gross he is.  He's all lumpy and yucky.  He looks like an extra in a horror flick about zombie horses.  At least he's putting weight on and regrowing hair... 

I had previously mentioned his Donald Trump guard hairs.  This isn't a great picture, and the effect is somewhat diminished because his regular coat is regrowing, but you can kind of see what I meant:

Also, it's a nice shot of his lumps and bumps.  Imagine those random looooong chestnut hairs scattered on bare black skin.  Picture them blowing in the breeze, like amber waves of grain.

Yeah.  Princess River gets laughed at a lot.

Also, blogger changed the layout for posting and stuff and it's really annoying.

1 comment:

  1. 5 days of AniMed AntiHist does the trick for super cheap. Bobby breaks out in lumps and bumps whenever he sees a fly too. Gotta love TBs!