Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Speshul River

Can we get a close-up of that?

How did he do it? We have no idea. My poor BO goes out every day in fear of what she's going to find. How did he injure himself today? Is it a minor scrape or is he missing a pound of flesh?

On the bright side, he is so stinkin' sweet. He's like a big dog, just sweetly affectionate and loving. I'd like to bubble wrap him so he stops having issues, but oh well. My BO adores him, even if he is going to give her an ulcer from stress!

Also, we've decided that his balding is due to seasonal alopecia. He's regrowing hair, even if it is baby fine. Of course, he's still in the process of losing hair, so we're not quite on the good side of this yet.

Only River...

Also, I'd just like to point out that my cost to buy River was $20 I pitched in for gas money to get him home. He goes through a $22 bag of Ultium every 5 days (or a little faster). Yeah. My horse costs more to feed than he did to buy.

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