Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's cold and I hurt.

We're in the midst of a cold snap.  It was 4 degrees this morning.  Yesterday I did morning chores and horses stayed in... I had to be careful to not touch the stall door latches with my bare hands when I was filling buckets because my hands were damp and they'd freeze to the metal.  Blah.

Took my car in for oil change and service today... going to cost like $200.  So that's great, coming in the same week as my board payment AND my farrier visit.

And to top things off, I haven't had a decent night's sleep in 6 nights.  Thinking a pinched nerve?  Result being that I wake up constantly with my shoulders aching, my funny bones feeling like they've been knocked into something, and my fingers being numb/tingly/painful.  So I wake up, move around, try to get feeling back in my hands so they stop hurting and try to find a position that relieves the discomfort.  If I'm lucky, I get about 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep before the pain and tossing and turning starts.  It doesn't go away during the day, it's just a bit less painful.  I spend half the day wishing someone would just cut my arms off to make it go away.

Oh, and Saturday night I was trimming a horse's feet and he slammed into me, bending my bad (previously broken) ankle in a direction it's not capable of bending.

It's been a rough week.

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