Friday, January 4, 2013


1.  My dog is doing pretty well.  I don't want to say anything more out of fear of jinxing him.

2.  My new year's resolution:  ride each of my horses at least 4 times a week ("each" includes Princess and The Mare, not my old guy).  I rode them both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Friend (the one who rode him the very first time) rode Princess on Tuesday.  This will be our tradition: she rides him once a year on New Year's Day.  More on this later.  I need to ride today and tomorrow.  Although I might allow myself 3 rides this week because it's only a 5 day week.

3.  River has been a very bad boy.  Like, seriously bad.  He's-in-trouble bad.  If-he-doesn't-shape-up-he's-going-to-need-a-new-place-to-live bad.  He's being very bad coming in at night.  Last week he was rearing and striking out at the person leading him.  Color me totally shocked.  I know he can be a little dumb sometimes, but that behavior is totally unacceptable.  So he's starting on SmartCalm Ultra probably tonight and I've talked to a couple of the barn people about him.  He's been better this week *knock on wood*.


  1. Hope River gets his act together!

    1. Me too! He's mostly been better, thank goodness!