Monday, March 11, 2013

First show!

Friday night, we trailered over to River's first show.  Because he's a good boy, he hopped on the trailer in the dark and off we went.

Arrived, tacked up, schooled.  He was interested in everything but not nutty.  Maybe the ear puffies helped?  We walked over the itty bitty crossrails because the scary flowers were scary.  Eventually we got brave enough to trot.  There were two jumps I didn't attempt--12" wooden boxes, and a cloth panel thing, also about 12".  So I asked someone else to get on him for me.  She took him over the course.. he stopped at the panel, but then went over it.  Rider commented on what a good boy he is and how sweet he is about it all.  I got back on and did it.  He stopped at the boxes, but went over on another try.

The course was scarier than I was expecting.  There was a one stride line, and a triple line set at two strides... not that strides matter for us, because we trot, but still--scary!!

Saturday morning, tack up and school for dressage.  Which basically consisted of trotting around the ring and circling in both directions.  So, you know, not very intense schooling.

Dressage test A (for the combined test)... he was distracted and stargazing and counterbent the whole time.  But we did it!  Score:  49.something%  Which... ok.  It wasn't a particularly good test, so okay, if you're judging strictly, fair enough.

Dressage test B (not combined test)... he was listening and giving to the bit, circle to the left was pretty good.  Circle to the right was counterbent and diamond shaped, free walk was a little drunk.  On the whole, a MUCH better test.  Score:  47%  WTF?  Judging was pretty harsh for a schooling show..  I would have figured 55%-60% for the test.

Then came jumping.  And first off, I'll say that he deserved the best dressed award.  Pink blingy browband, pink ears, pink open fronts and ankle boots, pink and black saddle pad, pink crop.  I wish I had pictures.

Jumping 1 (for the combined test)... we were allowed a warm up fence.  He wouldn't go over it.  Someone had to come over and lead us over it.  I trotted him over it, fine.  I also tried the scary boxes.  He wouldn't go over it.  Person came back to lead us over.  I trotted him over it and then we started the course.  Yeah... we had quite a few refusals.  But since there were 6 entries and 6 ribbons and I was in last place anyway, I didn't get disqualified, just racked up jumping faults for a pity ribbon, lol.

Jumping 2 (not combined test)...  Good boy!  We knocked over a fence, but no refusals!  What a champ!

Jumping 3 (not combined test)...  Good boy!!  No rails or refusals!  Unfortunately, the jump off required we jump the scary boxes in the other direction, so we had one refusal.

Verdict:  VERY good boy!  We need more experience and all that, but I couldn't have asked for more for our first show.