Wednesday, March 27, 2013

River is an a$$hole.

Saturday, we took a lesson from someone at the barn.  I rode Riv (obviously), and my friend rode another horse.  We did quite a bit at the walk and he was fine.  Moved up to the trot....  He was TERRIBLE.  Like, half rearing and spooking and crap.  Then we'd walk and relax, and he'd randomly flip out and start skittering sideways.  At one point, I asked the instructor to grab him because he was just going nuts.  Eventually got him to calm down and we focused on getting a couple decent trot stops, then walking.  At which point, I decided we were done.  So we stood there while the other girl rode and he was ok.  Then instructor said "let's ask for a canter".  Since River had been being a total jerk, I jumped off and held him.  Good thing.. the other horse started cantering, River started going nuts and rearing.  WTF?  And of course I'm like "I swear, he's never done this before!" as my horse is being totally insane.  Great lesson.  Asshole.

On the bright side, he looked really cute in his boots:
You know you're jealous.  Of the boots, not the horse.  Because he's an asshole.

And yesterday I was bringing him in for the night.  He was okay until we got too close to another horse's turnout.  Cue rearing and striking.  I was like, screw you, you're an asshole, and grabbed his lip and twisted.  So we walked the rest of the way to the barn like this:

And he behaved himself.


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  1. But we still love them even when they are assholes.. lol