Friday, March 1, 2013

More riding, less posting!

I've had the week off work...

Monday--was going to ride in the morning, remembered the tractor, and longed.  He was good, so I rode that evening.  He was a very good boy!  I put out poles and he behaved himself.

Tuesday morning we had a line of a ground pole and an elevated pole.  The other long side had a cavaletti on the high side, so maybe 15" or so.  Big enough for me to be nervous.  He was SO GOOD.  Trotted quietly over everything.  The cavaletti I wasn't sure of, but I trotted him at it in a half seat, grabbed mane, and he hopped right over it.  A couple times he landed at a canter, but came back to a trot when I asked.  In fact, he was so good...

I also rode him Tuesday evening.  That's right, twice in one day!  There was a lesson in the ring, so we just walked and trotted over a couple ground poles and generally practiced being a good boy.

Wednesday morning we got really brave...  one high cavaletti, one crossrail on the high side of the blocks, so about 12" in the middle.  Such a good good boy.  Toward the end, we went over the crossrail to the right, and he got a little happy after and was tossing his head around, so I brought him back and we tried it again with me asking for a little less... he barely stepped over it.  We tried again, this time asking for a little more, and he went over it quietly but smoothly, and also managed to knock the whole thing over, lol.

When I was done, we walked around while I texted my friend to say how good Riv is and how lucky I am to have him.  Then I dismounted, ran up the stirrups, loosened the girth, and left him to wander around while I put away the poles.  Walk away, look over, and see him LAYING DOWN TO ROLL.  I start shrieking and clapping my hands while running at him, he jumps up like the ground just turned to lava, and starts frantically circling trying to go back down to roll as I'm continuing to flip out on him, he kicks out in annoyance, and finally stands so I can grab him.  Take off the saddle (no damage, thank goodness!!) and bridle and let him go so he can roll in piece...  he is no longer interested in rolling.

I think my Facebook status says it all"
Me: My horse is such a good boy! How did I get lucky enough to have him?!
River: I'm gonna roll while wearing mom's saddle and then be offended when she yells at me!

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