Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'm sick.  Nothing major, but I'm a wimp about being sick.  I deal better with broken bones than I do with a cold.

Sunday, I hit the electric fence with my face.

Monday, a crosstied horse broke her halter, which whipped back and hit me in the face.  I have a little cut on the side of my nose.  By some miracle, my glasses weren't damaged.  Or, as the nurse at work pointed out, my eye.  That never occurred to me...

Tuesday afternoon/evening, I felt like crap.. ended up going to bed at about 8 and woke up repeatedly feeling terrible.  Boo.  Not feeling as bad now, but definitely not good.. headache, feeling like I'm in a fog, etc.

Monday he went back to turnout.  Yay!  Yesterday I picked his feet after I brought him in.  Poking around the abscess area, I found the frog kind of peeling.  So I went to my car to get a hoof knife.. about 3/4" of his frog needed to be taken off.  (It was flapping and not attached underneath and would have trapped crap.)  The new, immature frog is pretty cool.  It kind of feels like a cross between foam and a mushroom.  (No, that's not the sickness talking, it really does feel kind of like a mushroom.)

He should be fine to ride whenever I feel up to it.  If he hadn't been off for like a month, I'd suck it up and ride now, but I'm not getting on him for the first time in a month if I'm not feeling 100%... or at least 90%.  Logically, I know I'd be fine.  He's a good boy and we can pretty much pick up where we left off, and he's not prone to fireworks under saddle (knock on wood!!!!!).. regardless, he can sit around and not earn his keep for a couple more days.

Oh, I should have taken a picture of him yesterday... this is how I know I'm not feeling well, when I don't take a picture of something funny... he managed to get his ear through the forelock hole of his fly mask.  So he had his ear sticking out randomly while the ear thing was flopping around.  It was pretty silly.


  1. Wow, a real series of crap-events. Sorry to hear.

    Please check out my blog if you would like:

  2. Hope you feel better and get to ride River soon! :)

  3. Electric fence to the face... yikes! Feel better.

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out!