Friday, June 14, 2013

There's something wrong with The Mare.

Wednesday evening I decided to ride The Mare.  You have to understand, The Mare is a bitch.  She's just... a bitch.  I used to have a bumper sticker in honor of her--"Hell hath no fury like a chestnut Thoroughbred mare!"

So I put her on crossties and brush her... no attitude.

I put on the saddle and tighten the girth... no attitude.  This is the horse who normally spends the entire time you're grooming/tacking up snapping and threatening to bite (she never actually bites, nor does she intend to, she just threatens).

Went to get her bridle and stood in front of her putting the reins on it.  She nudged me with her muzzle.  Repeatedly.  She does not show affection unless there's food.

I'm like WTF?  My mare is being friend and affectionate and not a royal bitch?  Is this the apocalypse?

She was pretty good for our ride.  It wasn't long because my new paddock boots were hurting my ankle.

Afterward, I put her on crossties to pull her mane.  This mare is the queen of the guilt trip.  After every single pull, she turned her head and gently rested her muzzle against my arm.  You could hear her thinking "why are you doing this to me?  Don't you love me?"

It's okay, I made it up to her.
Food makes everything ok.

Sometimes I forget how much I love my beautiful red mare....

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  1. Hope your ankles feel better and a good short ride is better then no ride!