Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting better!

Friday evening, Riv was being pretty annoying when I changed his diaper.  Pawing, fidgeting, lipping me, etc.  So Saturday I turned him out in the indoor...

Yep, he's feeling better.  The funny thing was, when I put him out, he just walked around like no big deal.  I was expecting him to take off like an idiot.  He wandered for a minute, rolled, got up, and took off.  Apparently he needs to roll before he can run around?

I made the mistake of taking his standing wraps off... by the time I came back Sunday afternoon, his hind legs were horribly stocked up.  Hopefully he's on the upswing and can go back to regular turnout soon.  Dumb horse.


  1. Lol yes he does look like he is feeling better!

  2. I also have one who must roll before she can run ;)