Friday, September 27, 2013

Clinic starts tomorrow!


He's been going pretty well.  I think we've probably improved at least a little since last year, so hopefully we won't be too embarrassed.  We cantered Wednesday!  Just a circle and once around the ring to make sure we can do it, although I'd probably prefer to not canter in the clinic, or at least not the first day.  Maybe the trainer will be willing to get on him *fingers crossed*.

I didn't ride yesterday.... grrr.  I meant to, but just didn't have time.  How I don't find time to ride on my day off is a mystery..  But it's just as well, he was ridden Monday-Wednesday, and will be ridden today, Saturday, and Sunday, so he kind of needed a day off.

Tonight will be a good long ride, and I might get on him briefly tomorrow before we ship to the clinic.

The real concern is.. what to wear?  Not me, Riv.  Do I go conservative with a white pad (pink embroidery!) and either white polos or black boots?  Go crazy with a fun pad (my black and pink with glitter perhaps) and bright pink polos or boots?  White pad and Woof boots with pink velcro?  Is it weird to use open fronts and ankle boots for a dressage clinic?  I could use my pink set one day and the light purple set the other, so he's not wearing the same thing two days in a row.

Here are our options... keep in mind his bridle has a pink crystal browband.

PADS (all square)
  • White, burgundy trim, pink embroidery (TB logo and his name)
  • White, burgundy trim, silver "recycle" symbol and his name in pink
  • Bright pink with black piping
  • Black and pink print with glitter and pink border
  • Multicolor polka dot print with glitter and purple border
  • Bright pink batik print with pink border
  • Black and white print with pink border
  • Black Woof Wear boots with pink velcro
  • Light pink polos
  • Bright pink polos
  • White polos
  • Lime green polos (just throwing it out there....)
  • Bright pink open front and ankle boots
  • Light purple open front and ankle boots
  • Raspberry (dark pink/burgundy) open front and ankle boots with light tan neoprene
  • Black Woof Wear boots with lime green velcro (again, just throwing it out there)
  • Black Stretch 'n' Flex Flatwork Wraps by Equilibrium (they're low-profile, hard to notice on black legs)
  • Lime green knock-off Dressage Sport Boots
  • Brown fake leather (but real looking!) open fronts and ankle boots
  • Brown leather brushing boots with brass buckles
Shut up, there's nothing weird about how many sets of boots I have!!!!!

Any suggestions?

I have to see if I can find a pink polo shirt for me somewhere.

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