Friday, September 6, 2013


Not much to post about..  I keep meaning to ride but haven't quite gotten around to it.  I decided to not go to the show this month.  It will be too expensive and too stressful for me to enjoy, and it's not like we NEED to show.

My lovely VW problems continue...  I picked up my car from the dealership last Friday after they replaced the ignition.  Saturday, I realized that my cruise control and horn were both broken.  As they were working before I took it in, and the cruise and horn are both in the steering column with the ignition, it was obviously something that happened during the service that broke them.  On the bright side, my 12v adapter is working for the first time ever--further proof that something else happened when they did the ignition.

I took it in yesterday to get it fixed.  They spent about an hour and a half opening it up and then said that it's not their fault the cruise and horn don't work.  It's just a great big coincidence that two things broke while they had the car, and that both broken parts are in the same area as what was worked on, so that'll be $552 to fix.  I don't think that even includes labor and tax.

No.  I didn't have $522 for the last repair but I had to do it so the car could be driven.  No way am I paying $552 to fix something THAT THEY BROKE.  Of course, I can't prove that they broke it and they insist that things break and it just so happened that they broke all by themselves while they dealership was working on the car...  I can accept some coincidences, but not this.  No. 

I am finished with the dealership.  I have never had a car come back from service with something new broken.


  1. Oooooh, press the mother effing issue. I made the dealership that replaced the brakes in my car pay for everything that they casually added in without my permission and expected me to pay like it was nbd. Hang the Better Business Bureau over their heads if you have to. I fucking hate dealerships. All of them.

    1. Well, the dealership is full of idiots. Two days after they informed me the horn needed to be replaced, it started working again. Yesterday, a week after they said the switch for the cruise control needed to be replaced, the cruise control started working again. Obviously they were completely wrong about the whole thing.