Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does my Thoroughbred ex-racehorse need an energy supplement???

He's so pokey!

I can't quite remember when I rode last week.  I think Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday?  I didn't ride Saturday or Sunday.  But even with a day or two off here and there, he's so lazy!  Not obscenely lazy, like kicking him nonstop, but he's definitely not going to take the initiative to be nice and forward.

But that aside... he's so good!!  He's miles better than he was a week and a half ago.  I can't wait for Jeff the dressage trainer to come back.. maybe we'll even be cantering!

Oh, and guess what I did last week?  I trotted without stirrups!  The funny/sad thing is River is so used to dropping stirrups = all done that it was a little hard to actually get him to trot.  I posted without stirrups maybe twice around the ring, making this my first no stirrup work in, oh, 3.5 years.

Notice anything different?:
Maybe you can't tell...  How about here?:
Muahahahahaha!!!  I couldn't find the spurs I wanted (short POWs), so had to settle for the big ol' knob spurs.  Nothing gets my heel down and my leg still like using spurs on a particular horse for the first time.  He was pretty good about it.  A wee bit twitchy here and there, but no big deal.

Here's River from... I don't know.  A while ago.  6-10 months, maybe?

Here's River from last night:
OMG HIS NECK!!!  His head no longer looks like it's attached to his body with a broom!  He's actually developing some good muscling!!

Sad news....
Going to have to buy a new cheekpiece soon..  Sigh.

ALSO!  New limited edition saddle soap!!!!!  It's yummy, go buy it!


  1. I find that spurs are excellent for getting my heels down and my leg silent as well. Half the time I wear them just for that.

    1. Years ago in Practical Horseman GM said in the jumping clinic that spurs can be good to educate and quiet a leg because the horse will let you know when your leg is moving. He was right.

  2. River is looking great! Boo about the cheek piece :-(

    1. Thanks! And boo!! I love this bridle!

  3. Bummer about the cheek pieces...

    Oh do you reccomend that soap?! I swear I saw it somewhere else and can't remember where...

    1. Yes, highly recommended! I love it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I can just stand there and admire him, lol.