Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Princess and the Pea, also Pretty Princess

FYI, Sore No More liniment gel can be irritating.  I used it on Riv's front legs with wraps when he was randomly swollen before the clinic.  Well, he ended up with scabs on the backs of both front legs, right on the tendon.  The scabs still haven't gone away, and since they bleed I don't want to pick at them.  (Although I might put diaper rash ointment on them to soften them up.)  I mentioned it to my BO, and she said she used it on her gelding without wraps and he had a really bad reaction.  It's weird, because I've used this stuff on him before under wraps, and there was no problem.  *shrug*  I'll be much more careful with it in the future.  But just a warning... I've always thought of SNM as pretty benign, but if your horse is a delicate princess, be careful.

I videoed myself riding last night... enjoy a compilation of 6 second clips.  (I spent quite a while on my phone trimming the original 2:40 video to get rid of the almost-2 minutes of blank wall.  You're welcome.)

And a couple fuzzy stills....

 Look at that stretch!  I'm telling you, River wants to be a Western/Wenglish/HUS horse!  My BO (who is a Western person) was watching and at times she said he was too low and going like a peanut roller.

I asked my vet about Adequan... she's going to check pricing and let me know.  There's nothing really wrong with him, but I don't think any horse can run 90 races and not be in need of some joint stuff.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals...  Back when my dearly departed gelding, Wilson, was close to being departed but not quite there yet, I asked my dad if he could order Previcox for Wilson's pain.  (In case you're not familiar, Previcox is the same as Equioxx, except Previcox is for dogs and is much cheaper.)  Before it came, Wilson was euthanized, so I gave it to my dog.  Well, I found some yesterday morning that I'd forgotten about, so I gave a pill to my dog with his breakfast.  He's a 13 year old Lab who is built like a tank (I've had people insist that he's part Rottweiler, he can't possibly be pure Lab) and has hip dysplasia.  Last night he seemed to be moving better.  But morning is the real test...

Usually first thing in the morning, he's very stiff.  He has to carefully get up and walk like an old man to the door, where he contemplates the steps down and very carefully and stiffly navigates them so he can pee.

This morning?  He bounded out of the house and down the steps.  When he was done, he run back up the steps.  It's been a long time since he could do that.  Previcox is good stuff.

Here's a picture of Amos on his 13th birthday:

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