Friday, October 11, 2013

My next horse will be administered an IQ test before I say "I'll take him."

Poor River.  Poor sweet, dumb River.

I decided to switch River from SmartPaks to my own homemade supplement cups.

Princess apparently decided he doesn't like something in them...  I think it's Tri-Amino, which doesn't make sense because he's been on it for months.  But it's River and making sense is optional.  I found a bunch of powder in his feeder yesterday morning, so I gave him a little more grain and added some water so the powder would stick.  I went to the grocery store and got a few packets of Jello (which, in case you were wondering, was invented not too far from us!).  I got Raspberry, Strawberry, and Strawberry-Banana. 

Stopped by the barn last night to see if he ate his un-Jelloed supplements and there was still some left over. I had grabbed the Strawberry-Banana Jello out of the bag and so I sprinkled a little Jello on it.  He was intrigued but couldn't figure out to, you know, taste it.  Put some powder in my hand and held it out--sniff sniff, I don't understand what this is....  I even tried pulling his lip out and sprinkling some Jello in his lip.  Didn't work.  Finally I admitted defeat and got some grain, added a little water, dumped it in the feeder, and sprinkled Jello on top.  Oooooooh, I'm supposed to eat it!  Why didn't you say so??  He seemed to like the Jello okay, so I added it to his supplement cups... we'll see if he eats it any better.  And by the way, I think Strawberry-Banana Jello powder is pretty tasty.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I kept telling myself "my next horse will be intelligent, my next horse will be intelligent."

I rode yesterday morning and he was such a lazy butt.  And he was being a jerk about mounting.  Normally he stands at the mounting block like a champ, but yesterday he had no interest in holding still.  Yet when I got on, he wasn't too keen to move... at least, not keen to move the way I wanted him to.  I ended up not riding for very long because he was annoying me.

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