Friday, June 8, 2012

Riding and Bug Control

I rode Princess the last couple of days.  He's doing much better.  Still a wee bit off at the trot, but almost sound.  As a rule, I won't get on an unsound horse, but in this case, I don't think walking him around for 10 minutes will do any harm.
He looks extremely tall in this picture...  and do you like his pink ears???  I've had them for years, now I finally have a horse who can wear them!


I seriously starting laughing out loud when I saw this picture.

Oh, and his lumps on his head that are benign and permanent (I mentioned them already, didn't I?  If not:  He has lumps on his head that are benign and permanent) are growing!  Yeah!!  And it's apparently tender, because he didn't like me touching it.

Because he can't wear his fly sheet (although we'll try it again when the round bales come back), I'm trying feed through bug control.  I got free samples of a few from SmartPak.

Here's our review of the first one:

River's take - On its own, ewww, poison, don't touch!  Mixed in grain, oh, okay, guess it's not so bad.  6/10
My take - Very dry and powdery (which makes sense, but not pleasant).  Quite bitter and garlicky.  Not enjoyable, although I do love garlic.  The bitterness was a problem.  3/10

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