Wednesday, June 27, 2012

River's rough-up rundown

River is the most injury/accident/problem prone horse on the face of the planet.  In about 7 months, he has had:

Swollen legs needing antibiotics
Persistent scratches
Hair loss
Various cuts/scrapes/kicks
Hives from bug bites
Some sort of injury to his forehead causing extra bone to develop
Heel cracks needing $200 shoes
Tweaked hip

So basically, we're averaging a little more than one new health issue per month.  Pretty impressive, huh?

Now my question is:  HOW did this horse hold up to about 10 years on the track and 90 races?  HOW?!  He's barely survived just hanging out in a field, eating and being a horse!  You'd think the stress of racing and training would bring out any problems, but nooooo, not Princess River.



  1. Isn't it amazing how that works? Horses....

    1. Why do I have horses again? I really don't know... He's like a lightning rod for health problems. No one else on the farm has had any issues.

  2. At least he isn't a Unbridled's Song, those are some of the most FRAGILE horses! They cough and I swear they pop a splint xP.

    1. Oh geez, shhhhh, don't give him any ideas!