Wednesday, June 13, 2012


River got his teeth done on Saturday.  Yikes.  Poor guy's mouth was terrible.  The biggest issue was the numerous sores and ulcers on his cheeks and tongue.  The dentist was a great great guy.  He really wanted to get Riv's mouth taken care of, so when it became clear he wouldn't be able to get the job done without drugs, he happily waited 40 minutes for the Dormosedan to kick in.  I felt bad that he had to hang around doing nothing, but he had no problem with that because the important thing was to get River's teeth fixed.

So it took quite a while, but River is now free of hooks and sharp edges and all that, so now his mouth can start healing.  I think he's eating a bit better now, too.

Drugged River waiting to get floated.

Dentist checking... something.

River and a month old foal saying hi.  She's apparently quite taken with him.

We're still working on our bug repellant supplement taste tests.

Bug Check
River - huh?  Is there something in my grain?  8/10
Me - Mmmm, this stuff is YUMMY!  I'd eat it with a spoon (but then, I looooove garlic).  10/10

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