Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I need to move.  Or rather, River and my mare need to move.  Kinda sucks.  My BO is closing up shop and moving back to her hometown for personal reasons.  She's planning on being gone in two weeks, tops, if she can get everything taken care of.  I have another barn lined up, so I'm all set.. in some ways it will be good.  It's stall board, which I think Riv probably needs.  My mare could use a grain program, too.  And they have an indoor.  So I guess really it's a good thing... but it's a change.  I don't like change.  Also, it's more money, which I reallllly don't like.  Hopefully I'll be able to work off at least some of my board.  Gah, this is going to be a pretty crappy month.  My BO is leaving, two of my closest friends are moving halfway across the country for vet school, and there are going to be some major (unpleasant) changes at work.

But on the bright side, I rode and jumped my old guy yesterday!  He was shockingly good.

 We cantered it!  Mostly because he wouldn't stop....

 Ignore my crappy equitation.  I haven't jumped much in about 3 years.

I love how he's pushing off his hocks.  Not bad for a 25 year old!

Awww, such cute knees!

Twinkie face!!

So everything is changing, I'm going to have to sell my soul and/or body to pay my board, my friends are leaving, and work is going to suck.  But I love my pony more than anything else in the world <3.  Sorry, Riv, I know this is your blog, but you just can't compete with Striker.

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