Friday, August 24, 2012

Plan succeeded.

Wednesday's plan actually happened!  Truly a miracle.

I learned a few things...
1.  River responds better to calf than heel.
2.  River gets confused/annoyed when using reins and legs to ask him to bend.
3.  River stops when confused/annoyed and refuses to move.
4.  River does not get snotty when given a firm boot to make him move.
5.  River cannot trot and check out the scenery at the same time.
6.  River can focus and trot if you kickkickkick before and during the scenic places in the ring.
7.  River is rather tiring to ride.

I didn't have time to do anything yesterday.  Today I'm hoping to long line him, provided I get out of work, get to the dealership, pick up my car from its oil change, and take care of my pony <3 in a timely fashion.

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