Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good boy!

(As I'm starting this post, a commercial came on for the Finger Lakes Racetrack about all the things you can do there... I'm like "you can get a new horse!")

River was a good boy tonight. I got to the barn and brought him in alone. He got a tiny bit squirrelly at first, but settled right down and came in like a good boy. Put him in his stall, brought in The Mare, and tacked up Princess.

He was such a good boy when I rode! He felt like he wasn't going to be good, but he tried hard and was so much better than I was expecting. As soon as we picked up the trot, he was reaching for the contact. He still hasn't worked out contact at the walk, but he's good at the trot. He even Managed to keep it down a long side! Normally he struggles with staying on the bit when we're not on a circle.

Also, really exciting news: his butt cheeks touch!!!!

Couple pics: