Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silly boy

Rode Friday night... put two groundpoles out off the rail, one around B and one between K and E.  Started off the ride being an idiot.  River, not me.  On what planet do we need to jump groundpoles?  Give me a break.  We'd come up the long side off the rail and he'd start tossing his head up and rushing.  Really, dude?  Give me a break.

He did settle down and was a good boy by the end.  I'm not sure when he went from "plowing through low jumps and refusing to pick up his feet" to "leaping over 3" high poles", but....  he figured it out eventually.

No riding since then...  Saturday was yucky weather, Sunday I was horribly sick and near death, Monday I was taking it easy after my near death experience.

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