Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Horses are too stressful.

So apparently Princess has been being a Very Bad Boy.  People try to bring him in and he's rearing and striking.  Really really really not good.

We're cutting his grain.  Giving him beet pulp instead of alfalfa.  Yesterday I chased him around the indoor for a while to get the sillies out.  Tonight I'll probably ride or longe.

Last night one person brought in River and one person brought in The Mare, so they both came in at the same time and he was fine.  So maybe he just needs to come in at the same time as her?  That would make sense, because I never have a problem with bringing him in and I always lead them together, whereas everyone else brings them one at a time.

BO is being really good about it.  She's not happy with his behavior and it can't continue, but we're going back and forth on different things to try.  I told her I'm willing to try anything to stop it.  Dangerous behavior is not allowed, period.  I'm very grateful the BO is working with us to figure out a solution.  There are no words for how much I do NOT want to have to leave this barn.

On the bright side, his condition is the best it's been since I've owned him:
Yes, he has demon-eye from the flash, but he's not gross!!!!!!!!  I think his weight is pretty much where it should be, now he needs muscle.  Which means I need to, you know, ride him.

Speaking of riding him...  I might take him to a tiny in-barn schooling show in about a month.  Maybe.  Depends on if they can find a stall so I can bring him the night before and see how he behaves.  If we go, it'll be a couple of Intro dressage tests and crossrail jumpers (which we would most certainly not be riding as jumpers... not that anyone who is at crossrail level should be riding like a real jumper course).

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