Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Two days ago:  No bugs
Yesterday:  A crapload of bugs

Yuck.  I hate bugs.  And of course I didn't have fly spray in my car..  but it was rainy today, so hopefully the bugs weren't too bad.

I rode River yesterday!  We pretty much just trotted around for 10 minutes.  He wasn't trying too hard to be good, but he wasn't being bad, and that was enough for me.

I bought River the most amazing thing.  I put it on him yesterday to take a picture, but I couldn't find my phone.  Looked all over and decided I left it at home (sad face).  Took of the most amazing thing, rode, put him away, opened my car to go home, and realized my phone had fallen into the little space between the edge of the seat and the floor/wall/door thing.  Grr.  Maybe I can get a picture of him and the most amazing thing tomorrow.

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  1. I too feel like the bugs descended from nowhere.