Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm a bad person...

Since my last post...

I rode River.  And after about 2 minutes I decided I was too scared, so I called someone from my other barn.  Went like this... ", random question, but are you doing anything for the next couple of hours?  No?  Wanna come ride my horse?"  So she came over, rode him, and he was fine.  I have not ridden him.  Not out of fear, but because I'm too lazy/busy to ride and also I don't know where my paddock boots are.

Best part is her face.
He's had some more jerk days coming in from turnout.  Bah.  We're still playing around trying to get through to him.  The past couple days I was able to bring The Mare in first, which makes it easier for me to bring Princess in because The Mare isn't running around screaming because her boyfriend is leaving.  I led him with just a chain over his nose.  If he got prancey (prancy?  prancie?  Firefox does not approve of any spelling.) and jiggy, I turned him around, walked back toward his pasture a ways, then turned around and headed back to the barn.  Repeat as needed.

Yesterday I longed him in the outdoor.  At one point he decided the lawnmower a hundred yards away was going to eat him and he got loose.  I was like whatever, you can't go anywhere, and eventually he let me catch him.  Then I ran the longe line through the near bit ring to the surcingle, and that stopped him from getting away.  He was a pretty good boy, although longeing to the right took some work.  By the time we were done, he was all sweaty, so he got hosed off in mid-70s weather at 7PM.  Then we handwalked alllll the way down the laneway past his pasture, around the new pastures, and back to the barn.  He was a gentleman the whole way, although he was pretty sure the pile of lumber waiting to get turned into new run-ins was a monster.

Tomorrow, the chiropractor is coming.  I'm very curious to see if there is anything wrong with him.

Did I mention he got shoes on again?  Here he is bothering my super-aweseome farrier:
(Only he's not really bothering SAF, because SAF doesn't mind horses snuggling.)
Me:  He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer...
SAF:  He's not even in the drawer.


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