Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not happy

Sunday, I was at my old guy's barn doing stalls.  I was putting horses out, and some random guy was in the barn throwing stuff away.  So he's up on a platform above the tack room tossing stuff down.  The noise is understandably upsetting horses, so I say "hey, could you stop throwing stuff until I get everyone out?  The noise is freaking out all the horses."  I'm taking a horse out, and after we leave the barn there's this unholy CRASH.  Horse takes off, dragging me several steps before pulling free.  I skid on gravel like a baseball player sliding into home.  Hand, elbow, and hip on my left side are all torn up.

Now, I have a temper.  It very rarely comes out, but when I get hurt because someone does something stupid, my temper comes out in full force.  Stupid random guy got screamed at... I'd give an example, but I try to keep this blog family friendly, so I'll just say picture a very angry sailor and triple it, and that's about the language I was using.  Which  maybe isn't the best response, but oh well.  I got dragged by a 1200 pound horse and found rocks in my underwear.  I feel my anger is justified.

So now my whole body hurts.  My right arm doesn't really work very well; I think the muscles in my forearm got strained.  Neck, shoulders, arms, back, ribs, etc.  My thigh is bruised and scraped.  Everything just hurts.

Which is really annoying, because I got out of work early yesterday.  I'll be out early today.  And I don't know if I'll be able to ride. 

So if you ever want to see me explode in a raging storm of swearing and fury, do something to get me hurt.

I hate stupid people.


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    1. It's getting better, thank goodness. Now I'm just sore, not OMG I'm going to die sore.