Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I sucked it up.

I rode last night.  I figured if I wait until I'm feeling 100% and all the soreness is gone, I'm going to be waiting a while to ride.  Tuesday was significantly better than Monday, so I sucked it up and rode... it was more of a "wow, I did a lot of work because my muscles are sore" pain than an "omg I've had the crap kicked out of me" pain.


Riv was a good boy.  I was a little nervous because the back door of the indoor was open (gate closed, though) for the first time this year.  Even with horses coming in, he was okay.  He got a bit distracted here and there, but nothing major.  I almost cantered him.  I probably would have, except just as I was working up to it, the horse in the pasture nearest the indoor started running around hollering and Riv got extra distracted.  I just wasn't going to push my luck.

We did more of giving and bending at the walk.. well, trying to, anyway.  Before I got off, I asked him to trot, and he went right on the bit, and then when I let him stretch he put his nose right down to the ground.  He's so cute <3.


I put him on crossties to untack and groom, and he was looking like he had to pee... I brushed him off quick, put him in his stall, and he promptly stretched out to pee.  Such a gentleman, waiting until he was in his stall.

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