Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guess who is being a good horse!

It's Princess River!  Yay!

As I've posted about many times before, River can be a total jerk when he's being brought in at night.  The final straw was last week when he got loose and was running up and down the road.  He and The Mare got switched to the turnout nearest the barn in the hope that the shorter distance and separation from other horses would make him easier to deal with.

Well, so far, it's been a huge success.  I had been bringing him in with a chain (over the nose, under the jaw, clipped to near cheek ring).  Sunday, I decided to try without a chain because he's been so good.  Got The Mare out first and she was kind of annoying.  Princess was trotting and nickering when she left, so I was a little concerned he'd be naughty.

Well, this is how he led in the past two nights:

Phew, I could barely keep him under control!  He hasn't put a foot wrong and has been a perfect gentleman.

Fingers crossed that he keeps it up!  The true test for him is after a couple weeks when he's adjusted to the routine.. 

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