Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You need to do this.

I know what you're thinking.  "It's a check for $17.  So what?"  Okay, it's not a lot of money.  But here's the thing.... it's bonus money.  I did almost nothing to earn it.  Here's the deal:

There's this website called Ebates.  Click on the link and sign up.  (And pretty please, sign up through that link.  If you sign up through it, I get a bonus!)  They have well over 1,000 online stores they work with.  (Not many horse ones, though, sadface.)  All you do is find the store you want, click the "shop now" button, and place your order.  [Also:  They keep track of current coupons, so you can skip Retailmenot.] 

Depending on the store, you get a certain percent cashback.  Some stores only offer 1% or 2%, some 10% or more.  But even the 1% stores--I was going to spend money anyway, so the 30 seconds it takes to buy through Ebates is no big deal and I make at least a little money back.  They do promotions weekly (I think) where some stores are double cashback.  Right now, Old Navy is 14% cashback.  Holy crap!  I ordered a couple pairs of jeans and a clearance shirt.. my order was just over $50, so I got free shipping, and I'm getting $6.72 cash back.  It's an awesome deal.

If I want to buy something that's available from multiple online stores and the price of the item varies, I make my decision on Ebates.  If it's $2.00 more expensive at Store B, but Store B has 5% cashback versus Store A's 1% cashback, I'm buying from Store B because it's less expensive in the long run.

I think this kind of sounds like an infomercial, and it kind of is, but it's seriously something you should sign up for if you shop online.  My sister told me about it a couple years ago.  I just got a check for $17, and all I did was shop online and buy things I needed to buy.  It's not quite free money, but almost.

And again, if you decide to sign up, pretty pretty please sign up through this link so I can a refer-a-friend bonus.

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