Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Princess River is a princess.


This is what he does when I take his girlfriend away.  He's not being a total nut because we're still right there, he gets more annoying when we're farther away.  Pathetic.

I think I mentioned a while ago that my barn owner refers to The Mare as Sweetpea, which cracks me up because The Mare is a mega-bitch.  Well, River has his own nickname.



Look at that chest!  You could drive a semi between his front legs!  BEAST.

Riding last night was interesting.  The tractor was out and about and frequently going by the open back door of the indoor.  Riv was alert and a bit distracted, but he didn't spook (knock on wood).

Going to the right, he was not interested in going on the bit.  He tried to trick me by leaning on the bit and dropping his forehand about 6 inches.  Uh, close, buddy, close.  But, you know, not quite what I was asking for.  It was hot and humid and yucky and I was just like OMG would you just do it for two seconds so we can be done??  I finally did an exaggerated "turn the key and release" and voila, he softened right up.  I was like "finally!  I can't believe it took him so long to figure it out!"  He was probably like "finally!  I can't believe it took her so long to figure it out!"  LOL.  But really, isn't he too green to be so picky?  There's a whole big world of riding techniques he knows nothing about it, hasn't he been awfully hasty in picking a preferred method?

No cantering yesterday.  He was a bit on edge from the tractor and I saw no reason to push it.

Look at how nice and even the sweat marks are from the new saddle!

Speaking of which, I took out the rear shims in my ThinLine pad and I like the saddle's balance more now.  I'm not sure if less than 1/4" actually made a difference, but whatever.  I also rode in breeches, so that might have helped.

Really not sure how I feel about the webber leathers.  Next ride I'm going to pull the leathers off my CC saddle and try them.  I may end up buying regular leathers.  In which case, uh, anyone wanna buy a pair of very lightly used Ovation webbers?

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