Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Super Awesome Farrier was out tonight.


I love Super Awesome Farrier.  But I hate writing the check.  He's worth every cent, but still.  It's a lot of cents.  Boo.  Ah well, I have another horse to trim tomorrow, a few that will be due soon if they're not due already, and a ton of manes to pull.

River behaved himself tonight when I brought him in.  I kinda figured he would, but it's nice to seem him actually be good.  He had barely enough hoof growth.  His shoes are so gouged up from running on the road, but thankfully they were okay for another reset.  He does have quite a lot of fresh bruising on his feet.  He's okay now, but there is a little concern that he might get ouchy in the next day or two.  I just hopped on him for a few minutes.. didn't want to do a lot and make him sore, just a reminder about being ridden.  Also, I was wearing jeans that are not made for riding.  I could barely get my foot in the stirrup or spread my legs far enough to ride (that sounds so so so dirty).  We trotted a couple minutes each way and I was done.  We'll ride for real tomorrow.

Oh, and both he and The Mare have bug bites on their chests..  poor things!  The bugs came out of nowhere.  I was going to put Riv's fly sheet on, until I realized the stupid cat had peed on it.  It's getting washed and the horses got doused in fly spray.

I'm experimenting with a new way of repairing breakaway halters.  Instead of doing the leather with the chicago screw, I went to walmart and got some velcro cable ties (but the ones I got are 15" x 1/2").  I attached it to the buckle and ring like with the leather tab and pressed the velcro firmly.  As a test, I pulled as hard as I could and it started to give.  So I think it'll hold for most normal situations, but give when the horse goes nuts.  Depending on how much overlap you have, it'll be easier or harder to give; or you could use two ties side by side.  Nice thing is I don't think it'll truly break, just the velcro will come apart and all you need to do is stick it back together.  Like those expensive Field Safe halters, only this is way cheaper and you can use your own halter.

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