Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bits and pieces

I haven't ridden or done much of anything with Princess in a few days, so I'll just post about a few random things....

This is the big one I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to mention for over 2 months.

My baby.
I sold her.

The decision wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, which confirmed the decision.  There were a number of reasons, but it basically came down to this:  She's got far more potential than I do, so she deserves an owner who can take her where she can go; and I don't have time for her, and why invest another year and a half in a horse I might end up not even enjoy riding when I've got one that I can and do enjoy now.

It was my first time in a real buying/selling transaction.  ("Buying" River doesn't count, nor did when I got The Mare.)  It went really well and was quite pleasant.  The vet check was interesting..  the vet is the current president of the AAEP, so I was kind of freaking out because if anyone was going to find something wrong, she would.  But she checked 100% fine.  And the vet commented repeatedly in person and in her report on how exceptionally well behaved she was.  Yay!

Also, last week was the 3 year anniversary of my accident.  (Whole story here.)  Nothing notable beyond that, really.  Just...  yeah.  3 years since I turned my leg into a jigsaw puzzle!

Yesterday the BO texted me, letting me know she bought both of my horses.  Wait, what?  They're not for sale...  Oooooh, she BROUGHT them in.  As in, lead them from their turnout into their stalls.  And clearly that made less sense than her buying them, as it took me a few seconds to figure it out.  Riv was a perfect gentleman.  Yay!


  1. Selling a horse is always hard, but it sounds like it was a good decision and a good transaction for you!

    1. It really went well! She went to a very good home, so that made it a LOT easier. New owner is a COTHer :).

  2. Buying selling horses is def hard! Agree with Lauren!!

    Hahaha that text would confuse me too! Glad she didn't "buy" them :)

    1. Selling is hard, but it's a lot easier when it's a great situation for the horse!

      LOL, pretty sure my BO wouldn't want to buy them! She does Western and HUS... Neither of my horses is remotely suitable! Although she does love The Mare, for same strange reason.