Monday, May 20, 2013

So much to post about! Part 2

Thursday May 16

Show in 2 days.  Time to jump outside.  I set up several jumps, including a long line (no distance--we trot, so I didn't bother counting strides).  3 jumps were with planks and one was 12" boxes.  He stopped a couple times, but no big deal.  After he did everything, I raised a couple of the planks so they were.. I dunno, 1'9"?  A decent size as far as I'm concerned.

I would like to state again what a good boy he is.  Point at fence, grab mane, and go.

Then it was bath time.  I hadn't yet fixed his halter that he broke, so he was borrowing The Mare's old halter (nylon with leather crown).  The lead was looped around a fence post while I bathed so I could have both hands free, and he managed to snap the crown.  So I'm like oh crap, my horse is loose without a halter AGAIN.  But he quietly meandered over to the grass and I was able to grab his head and get him back by the fence so I could get the lead on his head.  Took him into the barn, stuck him in his stall, and went to my car to get out the rope halter I've had for like a year and a half and never used.  Finished bathing him without incident.

Having a blingy horse is a challenge sometimes.  How do you keep white socks white?  I scrubbed them, rinsed all the soap and dirt out, squeegeed the water off with my hands, sprayed liberally with ShowSheen, and rubbed it in.  Worked like a charm--any dirt stayed on the surface and brushed right off without staining.

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