Friday, April 26, 2013

Most Amazing Thing Ever

Yes, that's right.  A HOT PINK sheet!!  Probably the best $68 I've ever spent ($50 for the sheet, $18 for embroidery).

Also, I'd like to give a great big shout out to  First, because when I called to ask if "beetroot purple" really is as pink as the picture looked (it is), they answered the phone "Whores".  But mostly because I ordered embroidery.  It was done, shipped, and received in a very timely fashion.  Except when I got it, there was a problem with the embroidery.  A fairly minor one that I could have lived with, but I emailed them and asked about sending the sheet back to get the embroidery sorted out.  They promptly replied with an apology for the mistake, a promise to redo it and send it out, and instructions to just keep the sheet I already got.  What?!  I couldn't believe they were so quick to fix it above and beyond my expectations, no questions asked.  So a big THANK YOU to for great customer service!

I've ridden River three days in a row now.

Tuesday - Just a quick "we haven't ridden in a while, let's see how things go" ride, and he was fine.

Wednesday - Rode longer, with another horse in the ring, and ground poles out in various places.  He was very good, even with another horse trotting, people in the corner, people at the gate, people going into the viewing room and turning on the light.

Thursday - SUCH a good boy.  There were scary birds in the wall at the far end of the ring, and while he scooted away, he didn't freak out and let me ride him by and push him out to the wall.  Lots of work at the trot, which he was good for.  Going to the right is still weak, but we're working on it.  Started really asking him to give at the walk... it wasn't great and it was a LOT of work (my calf got a muscle cramp from trying to push him out and forward), but he was trying.  I always end on a forward note, so after the hard work of walking, I asked him to trot..  He immediately went on the bit, and when I let him take the reins, he dropped his nose right down almost to the ground and relaxed in a nice, forward trot.

What a pretty pony!  This side doesn't show it, but his neck is looking SO much better!


  1. The Horze thing cracks me up, especially since their slogan is "its a life style." The first time I got a package from them my BF was very excited to see what was inside. He was very disapointed.

    1. LMAO! I never put those two together, but that is hilarious! You should order a crop from them for your boyfriend ;).