Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boo *sadface*

I completely forgot I already have something happening on August 3, so no show for me :(.  I can't be too upset, though, because the thing I'm doing is pretty awesome--super-awesome farrier is doing a clinic thing and Saturday is anatomy (aka cutting up horse legs and hooves!), so that'll be fun and educational..  Since SAF insists that I am a real farrier (I always think of myself as a trimmer), the clinic is very helpful.  It was actually last year after SAF seeing a trim I did and saying how good it was, and then going to the clinic that I started doing feet.  I have about 10 horses I do year-round, and quite a few more I do over the winter months when they're barefoot.

No show, but I'm taking a lesson on Saturday!  Looks like the weather should break just in time... doing barn chores this morning, it was 75 degrees and 80% humidity.  YUCK.  The only good thing is that the heat has dried out the mud.  I think I hate mud more than I hate heat.  At least you can avoid the heat by going out early or late; you can't hide from mud.


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    1. I know! But between the two, there's no contest, clinic wins! 99% of the time I have no life and nothing to do on weekends besides my barn work... then I have two things on one day.

  2. That clinic sounds awesome!

    1. It really is! I would post pics, but people may be disturbed by the cadaver legs...