Monday, July 29, 2013

I can be neglectful!

Woohoo!  I no longer have to bring River in at night!  Everyone who does chores is comfortable with him, and if for some reason they're not, they can contact the BO or me.  It's great, I didn't go to the barn for two whole days!

Friday I cleaned sheaths at my old guy's barn.  I did 10 horses, still have a few left.  Most of them were pretty standard.  Plenty of gunk, most had small beans.  But one horse...  He had the mother of all beans.  (Although I'm not sure if it's technically a bean, as it wasn't in his urethra, it was just hanging out in the back of his sheath.)

And I have big hands.  So it's really freaking big.

Only one horse found the process overly offensive... jerk kicked me in the side/back of my thigh and sent me crashing into the wall/floor.  I was Not Pleased.  Horse and I had a come to Jesus meeting, after which he stood perfectly for me to finish.

I have yet to do River's sheath.. it's on my to-do list!  I have my Gallon O' Lube and OB gloves in my car..


  1. This is just another reason I prefer mares.

    1. Mares get gunk, too! Just not usually so large..

    2. I use to hose my mare down once a week in her lady bits, so maybe I never let enough time go by for her to get gross!