Saturday, July 6, 2013

Titles are hard.

Wednesday I rode Princess.  He was wonderful.  Obviously.  We did lots of trot-walk-trot-walk transitions because he likes to lay on my hands in the down transitions and be lazy in the up transitions.  After approximately 10,000 transitions, he was doing better, although if we went more than halfway around the ring without a transition, it was back to square one.  Oh well.  He also is better about going on contact after a bunch of transitions, which is nice.

Thursday I went out at like 9PM to ride. Had him on crossties, had his fly sheet off, was just about to put his saddle on when BOOM went the neighbor's fireworks.  Completely forgot about the Fourth of July.

As wonderful and perfect as he is, I was not about to test his tolerance of very nearby fireworks.  So back in the stall he went.

Friday a friend and I went to Stagecoach (for those who are not in WNY, it's the only good tack store in WNY, and it's about a 90 minute drive for me).  I managed to not spend a ton of money!  Yay!  River got a new saddle pad (because he doesn't have enough or anything...) and a himalayan salt block.  The Mare got a hyaluronic acid supplement to go with her MSM and ranitidine (aka Zantac, an ulcer medication).  And I got a couple pulling combs because I lose them all the time, and some tack cleaning sponges (more on this in another post at some point).

Super Awesome Farrier also came on Friday.  River needed new shoes.  *sad face*  When SAF is due, I should just sign my paycheck and hand it over to him, rather than going through the trouble of depositing it and then writing him a check.  Princess and The Mare both have yucky feet thanks to all this miserable rain we've been getting.  Sigh.  I hate rain and mud.  Also heat and humidity.

It's been a yucky week.. very hot and very humid.  Granted, for me hot = over 75; very hot = over 80.  I just HATE hot and sticky and wet weather.  You can't do anything about it.  When it's cold, you can put on a coat and move around to get warm.  When it's hot, you can lay spread eagled in air conditioning with a fan on you.  Not very practical when you have work to do outside.

I think that's more or less all for now..


  1. Oooo how I love tack stores :)

  2. So not feeling the mugginess either :( also that it has rained literally every day this summer so far. woo.