Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This blog hit 10,000 views this week!  WOW!
I love looking at my stats, so I'm going to share some with you....

My audience is primarily in the US, with second place going to.... Russia?  Really?  Are the antics of an adult with loves pink and glitter and her long-suffering horse really so popular in Russia?
Windows by far the most popular operating system, and Firefox is the most popular browser (yay Firefox!).
The most popular posts of all time?
1. Handy-Dandy Super Easy Fun Saddle Pad Making Photo Guide
Nearly 800 views and no one has posted a picture of their saddle pad.  *sadface*
2.  Amazing Leather Care Products
150 views in two days with good reason--the stuff is the best!
3.  Not About River
 Yes, third place with over 100 views has nothing to do with the subject of this blog.

 Traffic sources
COTH is obviously the big one with over 2000 views.  Google is next with over 250 views, then Insanity in the Middle with about 150 views.

Now for my favorite part...  Search Keywords..  I wish I'd kept record of these, because Blogger only shows me the top ten of all time.  There have been some interesting ones, but I can't remember them.... So these are the top 10 things that people put into a search engine that leads them to this blog.

1.  rivermountainrd.blogspot.com - 14 pageviews
 Okay, so this one is boring.
2.  against my better judgement - 10 pageviews
 Cool thing--if you Google it, this blog is the third result!
3.  lumps on the head - 9 pageviews
 Thank you, people of the internet.  Searching for lumps on the head brings you to this blog.  Apparently.  I haven't been able to find it.
4.  suzanne warmack - 6 pageviews
  Google Suzanne Warmack and this post is the 4th result.  Hopefully people Googling her realize how wonderful she is!
5. against my better judgment - 3 pageviews
  Automatically redirects to the correct spelling, yet this is the 5th result.
6.  face hair loss in horses - 3 pageviews
  Poor River can't catch a break.. people finding him because of his lumps and last year's hair loss.
7.  pulled mane - 3 pageviews
  Pretty benign.
8.  seasonal alopecia in horses pictures - 3 pageviews
  Come on, guys!  Let the poor guy live the embarrassment down!
9.  4 step mounting block - 2 pageviews
  Picture of my homemade mounting block is pretty close to the top of the picture results!
10.  against my better judgement blog - 2 pageviews
  Oh yeah, we're number one!

So there you have it!  Thanks for reading, commenting, searching, etc!


  1. I have gotten some truly amazing search keywords turn up my blog. I'll have to do a post on it, too. Some of them include "woman showing naked boobs" (pretty sure I keep things covered...?) and "laughing behind".

    1. Please do! I haven't gotten anything that good, now I'm jealous!

  2. Fun! Hilarious that the poor bald guy is getting so many hits.

    I keep getting myself as a source for traffic... do you know how to turn that off? I've selected not to count my page views but nothing seems to change...

    1. Are you getting your blog URL as a source? If so, I think that's when someone has your page bookmarked or types the address in the address bar.. they're not clicking a link to get to your blog, they're going directly there. I'm not sure if that's right, but it seems likely, lol.

    2. Oh! Okay, sweet. Thanks for clearing that up, haha.

  3. I love looking at blog stats. Fun times :)