Monday, August 26, 2013


I rode last night!

Finished with barn chores, thought "I should refill The Mare's supplement thing", then was like "if I don't ride right now, I'm not going to ride."  So I rode.

I put out a tiny elevated pole... a cavaletti on the lowest side.  It's the scary cavaletti that grabbed his foot and wrestled him to the ground back in March (details at this post), so I handwalked him over it before getting on, just to make sure he was okay, and he was.

We didn't really work on anything in particular, just the usual walk/trot, transitions, etc.  We trotted the pole a bunch of times.  He jumped it every time.  So darn cute!  It wasn't an  "I'm scared of this evil cavaletti" jump, it was a "oooh, fun!" jump.

I'm debating....  In just under a month, there's a horse trial at the same place as the last show we went to..  Do I enter him in the horse trial or just do dressage?  I've never schooled him xc or even hacked him outside.  Well, at our old barn I walked him around the property and he was totally fine, but it's been over a  year.  Sometimes the show allows schooling the night before..  Yes, sometimes you can school the actual competition xc course.  It's a very relaxed schooling show which is also a fundraiser for cancer research.  You can also finish even if you get eliminated, like what happened to me last year (although I had someone else ride the old guy xc).

Meh.  I don't know.  Although I might not even have to figure it out; my car problems might very well end up taking all my money anyway.

Oh, The Mare has a friend... kind of.  Yesterday I put another horse in with her.. They ignored each other for a minute, then they squealed, backed into each other, and bucked/kicked a couple times.  Having established that they're both witches, they settled down to eat and ignore each other.  *shrug*  BO sent me a picture of them today, happily eating together.  What?

The Mare apparently told the other mare about her boyfriend.  TOM's stall is next to the crossties.  When I got Riv out to ride last night, TOM loudly whinnied and got VERY excited at having River right next to her.  I'm like, WTF?  You don't even know him!  Same thing after I rode and put him on crossties to untack.  I can only assume that The Mare told TOM about her beloved boyfriend and TOM is smitten with him (or is trying to steal him from The Mare, which wouldn't be difficult because he doesn't love The Mare... Not that that stops The Mare from her obsessive love).

Who knows what will happen in the next episode of As The Pasture Turns?

Oh, and The Mare's supplement things... I took everything home to refill, and I was thinking.. what if I got pulled over and a cop saw all this?  Let's see, I've got a bottle of pills; a jar of a white, crystalline substance; a jar of tan granules/powder; and a tub of green powder.  I swear, it's not illegal drugs!  It's for my horse!

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