Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still need prayers!

I texted someone at the barn asking her to check on River.  She responded that it was mostly dried blood, but when he tossed his head blood started trickling again, and took a picture...  I texted the picture to my vet with an explanation of what was going on.  She called me back within about 5 minutes.. she'd checked with another vet who does a lot of track stuff, so he does tons of scopes..  I'm going to call him first thing in the morning and he can stop by to scope Riv.  If it gets any worse, my vet will come out, but she doesn't do as many scopes and she'll be less likely to get into the guttural pouches (which is what I'm really worried about).

Trying to figure out how to pay for surgery if it comes to that..

Panic!  Panic!  Panic!


  1. Don't panic yet, at least the blood is mostly dried. It would be worse if he was continually bleeding. River will be ok, sending good thoughts your way!

    1. He's bleeding most of the time, it looks like.. Not much, but a pretty steady trickle. Freaking out. I'm half convinced I'm going to get to the barn and find him dead from a carotid rupture. Freaking out a lot.

  2. Don't panick yet!!! I know easier said then done :-/

    Hugs!! Praying for nothing serious!