Friday, August 2, 2013

Riding and stuff.

First, I updated my VW Sucks post--basically, they've been trying since yesterday to find out what's wrong with it, and so far no luck.

Back to River....

I rode on Tuesday.  I decided to try a different bit, so I grabbed my old guy's bridle when I was at his barn.  His bit is a Sprenger aurigan double-jointed d-ring.  I used the whole bridle because changing bits is just too much trouble.  I just took the noseband off Riv's bridle and used it with old guy's bridle.  (I don't ride old guy in a noseband--my feeling is that if he's opening his mouth, it's because I'm doing something wrong, and I want to know so I can fix it... Riv, on the other hand, is green and I don't want him learning bad habits, so he does get a noseband.)

Modeling the bridle.....
Yes, old guy is ridden in a purple nylon headstall with hearts on it.  You got a problem with that?

Riding.. holy crap.  FORWARD.  I had to drop my whip.  It wasn't a super productive ride.. he hadn't been ridden in a week and he was all go-go-go.  So we pretty much just worked on paying attention and that sort of thing.  Probably won't be able to ride again until Tuesday, unless I get really ambitious on Sunday, which isn't likely.

He's looking so good!
He has a topline!!